Posted by: Rabbi Aaron Bergman | March 7, 2014

Put Your Mask on First-This Sunday Morning at Adat Shalom






Put Your Mask on First

How the Purim Story teaches us to free ourselves so we can liberate others

Purim is the last holiday of the Jewish Calendar. If Passover is about God freeing the slaves, Purim is about the people freeing themselves. Helping ourselves to live good lives, and helping others to do so is the goal of Judaism.

We will talk about and meditate on some of the themes of Purim, such as figuring out our real names, living in places that are not always warm and welcoming, and not letting the anger of others consume us.

This Sunday, 3/9

Adat Shalom Synagogue

9:30 am

Everyone is welcome

Part of hamakOhm

with Rabbi Aaron Bergman



  1. Can’t make it this week have a JWI bowling tournament. Can I pick up the printout you distribute?

    Dena Wein

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